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Portal & Equipment Instructions

Refer to these instructions for steps to customize your Midco SmartHOMETM automation and security system, and to make changes as needed.

New App Release (February 2017) –  We have updated the Midco SmartHOME™ app to make it even easier to use! New features include:

  • Use Pages to organize functions you use the most.
  • View History from the Camera tab.
  • Control your lights and locks from the app.
  • Adjust the thermostat from your home screen.
  • View camera images by date from a calendar.
  • Edit your contacts/trusted circle.

Download or update the Midco SmartHOME app today from the App Store or Google Play to see the enhancements, and go through the in-app tutorial.


Access & Passcodes

How to sign in to the subscriber portal

How to set up my central station passcode

How to access my alarm monitor certificate


Features & Equipment

How to set up my emergency dispatch contacts

How to arm and disarm the coverage system

How to manage my security settings

How to manage my secruity zones

How to manage my keypad codes

How to manage my cameras

How to manage my key fob

How to manage my lights

How to manage my thermostat

How to find user guides

Learn more about Midco SmartHOME equipment

Where to find information on the Midco SmartHOME armed states