Home Monitoring Support

Common Questions

Whether you’re already using Midco® SmartHOME or you’re curious about whether the home automation system is right for you, these answers to frequently asked questions may help you. 



How do I order Midco SmartHOME or ask questions?

Is Midco SmartHOME available where I live?



What equipment will I need in my home?

What happens during the free in-home assessment?

How many devices can connect to Midco SmartHOME?



Who will install my Midco SmartHOME system?

How long will installation take?

Is there an installation fee for Midco SmartHOME?


System Access and Support

What mobile platforms are supported?

How do I access and control my Midco SmartHOME system?

I already have Midco SmartHOME. How do I find user guides, tutorials and other materials for my system?


Internet and Power Connections

Do I need Internet service from Midco for Midco SmartHOME to work?

What happens during an Internet outage?

What happens during a power outage?



I have pets in my home. Can I still use Midco SmartHOME?


Rental Properties

Can I have Midco SmartHOME installed if I rent my home or apartment?


Contracts and Warranties

Do I have to sign a contract for Midco SmartHOME?

What happens if I cancel my Midco SmartHOME service within my contract period?

Does Midco SmartHOME have a warranty?


Savings and Costs

Am I eligible to receive a discount on my homeower's insurance policy?

What are the up-front costs for Midco SmartHOME equipment and installation?

Does my monthly fee cover service calls?


Home Automation & Security

What happens if my alarm is triggered?

Do people on my emergency contact list need my pass code?

What are the operating hours of Midco's monitoring facility?

What are the different armed states?

Are there charges for false alarms?

Will the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work when Midco SmartHOME is not armed?